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Provide Women with Technological growth opportunity

Everyone incorporates technology into their daily lives. It's becoming a basic skill for any career. With technology's connection and efficiency benefits comes increased exposure and the need for digital security and privacy.

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About The Program

The Mentorship program targets women residing in East Africa (Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania) with a junior working experience seeking entry to the field of cybersecurity. The program will Include Training, fireside chats and one to one mentorship with an experienced individual in the field.

The ELigibility Criteria for Mentees:

  1. Residing in Africa.
  2. Minimum 2-3 years’ junior level experience in any other field and seeking entry into cybersecurity.
  3. Must have a working knowledge of English. Mentoring sessions, classes and webinars will be conducted in English.
  4. A computer and stable internet connection.

The ELigibility Criteria for Mentors:

  1. Must have a background in Cybersecurity (above 5 years working experience).
  2. Must have a working knowledge of English. Mentoring sessions, classes and webinars will be conducted in English.
  3. A computer and stable internet connection.
  4. Commit to 4-month Mentor program, meet the mentee in a virtual setting twice a month.


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions

The Women in Tech Incubation Program is proudly sponsored by Standard Chartered.

Technical Skills Track

  1. Information Security Introduction and Basics.
  2. Approaches to Managing Cyber Security Risk – NIST Deep Dive.
  3. Continent View – Cyber Security, Capacity Challenges and Measures to Manage.
  4. System Development, Third Parties and Cyber Security.
  5. Cyber Resilience and Incident Management .

Soft Skills Track

  1. The wheel of life (Balance).
  2. Personal Branding & Network.
  3. Interview Skills and CV writing.

The application is 19th October 2022.

The program is designed to run for 4 months

This course is Fully Sponsored. But your commitment is require due to the limited number of place and high demand.

Motivation for the Program

Academia Meets Industry

@iLabAfrica connects academia and industry. Interacting with industry helps us understand real-world skill demands. Academic changes are gradual, not dynamic like industry requirements. Academia adopts a testable, manageable standard, which is important for knowledge seekers..

The Future is Technology

The program recognizes cybersecurity's importance. Technology shapes business and our futures. Different technologies are becoming crucial to our daily operations. Cybersecurity ensures the reliability of these technologies (and other critical infrastructures) from threat actors.

Why Women in Cybersecurity

A Cybersecurity Workforce Study (ISC2) found that  Women make up 24% of the cyberwarfare workforce, with even fewer in managerial or senior roles. . This program is designed to shift mentalities and tackle systemic barriers that prevent broader inclusion in cybersecurity, encourage women to take on leadership roles, and promote knowledge sharing of best practices.

Our Cybersecurity consultants and Mentors have real world experience